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HIIT: Worth the Hype?

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Let's admit it, regardless how much you love working out or hitting the gym every day, it's simply not practical to invest tons of time slaving away on a cardio apparatus. The majority of people lead hectic, time-constrained lives beyond their fitness regimen and have to get as much done as possible in a minimal time-frame when it pertains to cardio.

Naturally, you might ask, "Do I really need to invest hours strolling on a treadmill to lose body fat?" Frankly, no. If anything, doing hours upon hours of low-intensity cardio is less efficacious for sustainable weight/fat loss than ramping up the intensity and giving your all for a shorter time span.

For many individuals, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the solution to their ongoing struggle to lose fat rapidly (and keep it off). Basically, HIIT is a type of training that significantly cuts the total amount of time you spend doing cardio while simultaneously enhancing your fat loss. Pretty awesome, right? So what’s the catch? Well, it’s not a walk in the park (no pun intended).

Let’s make it clear right now, HIIT is hard; your muscles will burn and you will be gasping for air. The good news is that the workouts are very brief, and the payoff is well worth it.

With that in mind, continue reading as we have a look at the promising scientific findings behind HIIT for fat loss and how you can incorporate it into your workout routine for results (while saving time)!

Advantages of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is any kind of workout where you push yourself as intensely as you can beyond your lactic acid threshold. This forces your body to depend on the anaerobic metabolic process (because oxygen is lacking) and you wind up taxing a range of energy systems in your body. To give a real-world example of this, imagine sprinting 200 meters as fast as you possibly can. Assuming you’re not Usain Bolt, chances are that around the 100-meter mark your legs feel like they’re on fire. (That’s the sensation you experience when lactic acid is flooding your leg muscles, which is precisely the goal of HIIT.)

in turn, HIIT generates a range of advantageous metabolic outcomes that routine low-intensity cardio (like an easy bike ride) does not. Even better, research suggests that HIIT is an extremely effective method to improve fat loss, mostly due to a physiological phenomenon known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Essentially, after performing HIIT, your body works harder to make up for an ongoing oxygen deficit and burns more calories at rest. This metabolic boost does not happen when doing a low-intensity workout like walking on the treadmill; truthfully, low-intensity cardio can have the inverse effect (i.e. your body reduces its metabolic rate at rest to make up for all the calories burned throughout workout). Essentially, with low-intensity cardio, you may be burning more calories during training than you will with HIIT, but over time you actually burn less.

Furthermore, HIIT is much less time consuming than investing hours on a treadmill or other cardio apparatus. Frankly, it should be rather apparent that doing a sprint workout for cardio is far more effective than half-heartedly strolling, while watching Netflix on the treadmill.

The research-backed advantages of HIIT:

  • Boosts resting metabolic rate
  • Encourages sustainable fat loss
  • Enhances blood lipid values
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function
  • Increases your insulin sensitivity

So you can see why doing HIIT over conventional low-intensity, long-duration forms of cardio is far more useful in regards to enhancing your general health and dramatically increasing weight loss. (And as previously mentioned, in much less time!)

Regretfully, the majority of gym-goers feel that the best method to cut fat and attain a lean physique is to invest hours toiling away on the treadmill.

Don’t worry, though. We have an effective, time-saving HIIT routine that you can start right now!

Time-Saving HIIT Routine for Fat Loss

Tabata training is a particular type of HIIT created by the Japanese doctor Dr. Izumi Tabata; basically, it's a four-minute training routine where you go all out for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest/recovery (the sprint-recover cycle is done 8 times total).


Keep in mind: HIIT can be done either on a cardio apparatus of your choosing (preferably a stationary bike or elliptical) or in an open area if you wish to do free sprints.

  1. Start by warming up your core temperature with some light cardio for three to five minutes. (Nothing too strenuous, just loosen up your joints and get a sweat going.
  2. Now ramp up the intensity by sprinting/exerting yourself as hard as possible for 20-second intervals. Remember: This is the hard part and it will burn. Do not fret, however, you can relax later!
  3. When you finish sprinting, begin some active rest (i.e. easy pedaling/strides) for 10 seconds and prepare yourself for the next 20-second sprint/interval. Repeat this procedure as much as 10 times and voila! You are already done!
  4. Amazing, isn’t it? Just 4 minutes and you’re torching fat!
  5. BONUS: If you want, you can perform 20-25 minutes of steady-state cardio after you finish the HIIT; this will help burn free fatty acids that you liberated during the sprints.

**We recommend taking one serving of SynthaLean about 30 minutes prior to your HIIT sessions for maximum fat loss.


Do not succumb to the theory that you have to spend hours on a cardio machine every week just to lose fat. The more HIIT you include in your workout regimen, the leaner and more explosive your body will be; it will empower you and save tons of time.

Why Most Nitric Oxide Supplements Fail: Ingredients You Need In Your Pre-Workout

Why Some Pump Products Fail Nitric Oxide Synthesis Arginine Axis Labs Athletic Majority Blog

“Pump” products (nitric oxide supplements) and pre-workouts alike are a dime-a-dozen nowadays; it seems as if every sports nutrition brand has their own run-of-the-mill, stimulant-loaded concoction claiming to help you feel like a Greek god in the gym. While many pre-workouts may make you “feel” that way, they typically aren’t doing much in the way of actually enhancing your blood flow.

It's key to keep in mind that caffeine (and other CNS stimulants) work as vasoconstrictors, which can counteract the positive aspects of vasodilators. However, some caffeine is certainly still beneficial when taken prior to training (with the right ingredients accompanying it).

With that in mind, the main goal when using a pre-workout pump product is to dilate blood vessels as much as possible by increasing nitric oxide (NO) production.

If you crave skin-tearing pumps and maximum blood flow when you’re crushing the iron, you're in the right spot. Now, let's break down the science behind the top pre-workout blood flow enhancers and why one ingredient, in particular, is an absolute must.


L-arginine is an amino acid that works through several pathways to enhance NO (nitric oxide) production. In particular, L-arginine powder helps modulate nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and activate key cellular receptors such as alpha( 2 )- adrenergic receptors. [1] The benefits of these mechanisms include relaxation/dilation of blood vessels and enhanced insulin sensitivity, both of which encourage more efficient nutrient delivery to active muscle tissues.

L-arginine comes in several forms, such as L-arginine HCl and L-arginine AKG. Nitrosigine® is a trademarked form of L-arginine silicate that is stabilized with myo-inositol. Nitrosigine® has been a breakthrough in the bodybuilding world, delivering arginine more efficiently than ever before. Just one scoop of Rainmaker contains 750 mg of Nitrosigine®, ramping up NO production and enhancing blood flow.


NO is a byproduct of L-arginine metabolism by an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NOS). Many “pump-enhancing” supplements fail because all they do is flood your body with L-arginine. However, L-arginine works best when it has the requisite cofactors available to produce nitric oxide. Since NOS is made by the body naturally, you only require small amounts to reap the most benefit from L-arginine supplementation. Without supplemental NOS, you’re wasting a lot of the L-arginine you take before hitting the gym. This is precisely why HemodrauliX includes the essential nitric oxide enzyme, NOS, giving you unmatched blood flow and muscular pumps.

The polyphenols in HemodrauliX (nitric oxide supplement) upregulate NOS so significantly that your body breaks down upwards of seven grams of L-arginine powder per serving!


Glycerol is the natural backbone of triglycerides (fats) and works to hydrate cells with available fluid and electrolyte - creating a muscle volumizing effect. Given that the body maintains a balance of fluids, taking in glycerol prior to training helps “swell" your muscles with water and nutrients. [2]

With Rainmaker you're getting a research-based amount of HydroMax ® trademarked high-potency glycerol in each serving. Other pre-workouts on the market typically utilize an inferior type of glycerol called glycerol monostearate which consists of a paltry 4-10% glycerol.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid made endogenously as part of the urea cycle. It is also found in watermelon rinds, which is why some people advocate the use of watermelon consumption prior to exercise (since it works to enhance NO-dependent signaling).

An effective dosage of pure L-citrulline is upwards of six grams taken prior to training. [3] Taking this amino acid prior to training has been shown to substantially increase blood arginine concentrations, and thus, elevate production of arginine-derived metabolites (e.g. ornithine, nitrite, etc.). [4]

Other advantages of using L-citrulline include:

  • Better utilization of BCAAs during your workout
  • Increased intracellular nitric oxide production which promotes vasodilation and better blood circulation
  • Enhanced the body’s detoxification process
  • Elevated growth hormone release after training

Are You Using the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Noticing this pattern of hackneyed pre-workout formulas, Axis Labs took the effort to create an item which contains scientific dosages of ingredients proven to actually boost performance and blood flow while you train. These products are Rainmaker and HemodrauliX: NO-increasing and energy-boosting pre-workouts that will help you conquer each and every workout.

The active ingredients in Rainmaker and HemodrauliX are dosed in quantities that deliver unmatched muscular pumps, focus, strength, endurance, and energy.


  1. Rood-Ojalvo, S., Sandler, D., Veledar, E., & Komorowski, J. (2015). The benefits of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate as a workout ingredient. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition12(1), P14.
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