Training for Endurance

Endurance or stamina is basically the ability to exert oneself physically for long periods of time. A very popular result many want from their training is more endurance. However, to get more endurance you must train for more endurance. You can't train at a lower heart rate and expect to perform better during a higher heart rate event. You train the same way to get more endurance no matter what sport you are wanting the improved endurance.

Running and/or jogging still proves to be the most effective form of training to gain more endurance. When you first start to use running as part of your training to gain endurance you want to start off light. Start jogging for about 20 minutes a day, and then gradually increase the amount of time you are running daily. If running is too hard on your body, you may want to start walking for longer periods of time. Running can be stressful to your knees and it is assumed not everyone can use running as a main method of training for endurance. Riding a bike is much less stressful on the body and can also achieve great endurance results.

You can also weight train to gain muscle endurance. Most studies report low weight high rep as the standard for weight training for more endurance. An effective way to do both would be to add weights as you jog. Some people add ankle weights or carry light dumbbells while jogging. You are now killing two birds with one stone. You are working up your endurance and stamina whole working your muscle endurance and toning. Many also report weight training for endurance using a different method. In this method you lift about as much weight as you can for only about 3 reps per exercise, but you do 15 sets of the exercise with very little resting period.

Another great way to improve your endurance is by swimming. You would train with swimming in the same manner that you would with running. Do it for longer periods each day. Even if you have to swim very slowly, the amount of time you are swimming is what is most important. Swimming is much less stressful on the body and is more effective. Swimming works more muscles than basic jogging and basic light weight training put together.

When you want to increase your endurance, you must also know and practice how to breathe correctly while training. You want to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Breathing correctly can make a huge impact as getting more oxygen to your body faster is what good endurance is all about.

Endurance is important not just for better sports performance but for living a better life. Nobody wants to go shopping and get tired after just walking around for 15-20 minutes. Realizing how important training for endurance is not only for performance but just normal everyday health is very important.