Will You Be My Swolemate?

Where Is My Swolemate? Couples That Play (Exercise/Compete) Together, Stay Together! Carley and Josh  

Working out and living a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult to say the least.  At times you can feel like everyone in the world is against you. That those closest to you like family members, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, whom are supposed to be your biggest supports, end up becoming your biggest haters.  


Those whom will persecute you for the lifestyle you have chosen, who do not understand the path in which you tread daily. This isn't  a hobby that will come and go, this if my life, this is who I am.  


If these are words that ring true to you, I would highly recommend finding yourself a swolemate.  What the heck is a swolemate? This is a term that has entered into the fitness world in recent years and is very similar to the word soul mate.  Swolemate refers to you and your significant other whom also lives a healthy lifestyle, you are swole (buffed) together.  


When meeting a potential candidate, instead of your first question being, “what do you do for a living?”, maybe it should be, “do you even lift?” Biancha    


If you are married, have been married, or ever plan on getting married finding things that you have in common things that you can share together is so very important.


You want to be with someone whom not only supports your lifestyle, but hey they live it too!  Thus the term those whom play together, stay together.  I modified this to say, those whom lift together, stay together. Those whom compete together, stay together.


Yes there are always exceptions to the rules, relationships don’t work out regardless of the things you do together but with that being said here are some huge perks that I personally have seen from dating my swolemate.

Gym dates equal quality time-

You spend a lot of time in the gym, being together during that time is a perk and allows more bonding time. Think of it as a gym date.


Overcoming obstacles brings you together-

Reaching your fitness goals together is so empowering.  You push each other and hold each other accountable.  A few weeks ago I competed in the biggest show of my life.  My swolemate and I both placed 4th in the largest show in the northwest!It was an amazing experience to be backstage together and  be able to share our accomplishments.  We went through weeks of show prep together, felt one another's stresses and pains together, and conquered together!. Felt one another’s stresses and pains together, and conquered together. We encouraged each other to keep going through this process and finished out to the end.

Easier to stick to your diet-

A big part of reaching your fitness goals is your diet.  It’s very hard to be successful when your companion is not living a healthy lifestyle.  They can become a negative influence on you and you could even resent them as they are eating a pizza and burrito in front of you.

Cheat Meal Date Nights-

Some of our best dates have been on our cheat meal night! How fun is it to pre plan going out to eat someplace and splurging a little bit.

Fitness brings happiness-

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle brings happiness into a person’s life and surely brings happiness into a relationship.  It helps you to excel in other parts of your life as well.

Growing up and participating in sports brought me some of my closest friends in life and to this day are still my teammates. It makes so much sense to me now that the person I want to be with needs to be my swolemate, my teammate.  Living a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of my life that I love sharing with my special someone.

Having a swolemate has been an amazing experience for myself! It’s amazing how having the support of the person you’re dating whom is living the same lifestyle, can push you to work harder, be better, and want more for myself, for the both of us.  


-Do you even lift?

-Do you love peanut butter?

-Do you love to squat?

-Do you love cuddling?

-Do you have at least 10 protein shakers?

-Do you pay your gym membership fees?