Implementing a Successful Routine – Weight Training – Part 2

I think it is safe to say that most of us have pretty busy schedules. The average American works 8 hours per day. If you are sleeping the suggested 7 - 8 hours a night that only leaves 8 additional hours a day to do what we please. In reality, a majority of that time is consumed with driving in the car, running errands, paying bills, and just trying to stay on top of our everyday lives. It is also nice to have a social life and some downtime to do the things we enjoy. If working out could be much more efficient, enjoyable, and get us the results we want, then maybe we would all go to the gym after that long day at work.
How do we fit weight training into our everyday routines, and make our workouts as efficient as possible and possibly even fun? In order to maximize your time in the gym to get the results that you want it is important to follow a structured workout program that is personalized and geared toward our individual goals. Therefore, you don't feel like you are just wasting your time or going through the motions. If you have personalized routine, you will get results and it becomes something you enjoy because you are working towards a goal and can see yourself achieving it.
I can't image exercising day after day and really have nothing to show for it. No one really wants to bust their ass for nothing. If you are working with a tight schedule and aren't one of those people that goes to the gym to socialize, it is very helpful to have a plan of what exercises you are going to perform while you are there. If we think of our bodies in the same way as building our dream house, one would think you would draft the blueprints first.
Seeking out a training routine that meets your specific goals will allow you to maximize your time in the gym and attain your desired results much quicker. There are so many types of weight training techniques and different ways to lift weights. How do we know how many reps to do, how many sets, how heavy or light to go and how often to rest? These are very common questions that are dependent on what kind of results you are striving to achieve in the gym. Whether you are doing basic strength training, bodybuilding, power lifting or circuit training, you want to make sure your workout is geared toward your goals. Not only are we setting goals now, but we are keeping our commitments to make positive changes and we are efficiently getting the results we want to see. Our workouts become more enjoyable and less like work and everyone is happier, healthier, in better shape and all aspects of your life continue to change for the better.