Benefits of Training Buddies

fit chick adAccountability plays a huge role in why people stick to their training routines. If you are having a hard time cultivating this new habit, why not add a training partner into the mix. Having someone else to train with can have multiple benefits. Not only will you have more pressure to actually show up for your workout, but it is pretty much a guarantee that you will workout harder, enjoy your workout more, and stick to your routine.

The hardest thing for most people is actually getting to the gym. If you work a normal nine to five which many of us do, then you have a few options when it comes to getting to the gym. You need drag yourself to the gym early in the morning, go during your lunch break, or hit the gym after a long days work. The reality is most of us are tired and sometimes going to the gym isn't really our top choice of activities, and even though we know all the great benefits it has, it is still pretty challenging to overcome all the obstacles. Chances are if you tell a friend that you are meeting them at a certain time — you will be there. If you blow that person off, you may make yourself look like a flake and it puts more pressure on you to get to the gym.

Working out with a partner helps a lot of people to make their workout more enjoyable as well. You have someone to chat with while doing cardio or in between sets. If you don’t enjoy working out, it can be a good distraction from what you are actually doing. Just try to find someone that is on the same page as you when it comes to goals. You may find yourself getting impatient if your partner doesn’t want to train as hard as you and wants to sit around and chat. Having similar goals is important when it comes to finding the right person to train with.

By nature, humans are all competitive on numerous levels. If you train with someone else you are probably going to workout harder than you normally would. You have someone to push you when you are tired and to spot you when the weights get too heavy. If you have a big ego (which many weightlifters do!) then chances are you are not going to let your partner show you up day after day. It will help you to challenge yourself on a daily basis and you can push harder knowing someone has your back.

Nobody likes to let another person down. If you get together with a friend and make a serious commitment to become training partners then you are both most likely going to stick with your new routine and continue to make progress in the gym. Remember, it takes a few weeks to develop a habit and having someone else hold you accountable while developing these new habits can only be an added assistance!!!