Increase Arm Size

Everyone wants bigger arms. It is the reason a great deal of people start weight training in the first place. These are the people who are doing curls after curls. They are working the biceps hard but they never quite get their arms where the size they were striving for. This is mainly due to the lack of workout of the triceps. Triceps make up about two-thirds of your arm size. That should be a pretty good reason to work your triceps hard if you want to increase your arm size.

Some basic weight training exercises to work your triceps effectively would include triceps extensions, triceps cable press downs, dips, and close-grip or reverse-grip bench presses.

To perform triceps extensions you lift a barbell, curl bar, or dumbbell over your head and, keeping your upper arms straight, lower the weight behind your head. Don't go overboard with how much weight you use because you could hurt your elbows.

To target the triceps while performing dips on a dip bar, try to keep your upper body as straight as possible so you're not focusing the resistance on your chest. Dips done between 2 benches with weight on your thighs may be a better dip exercise to target your triceps during your triceps weight training workout.

If you perform bench presses with a reverse, underhand grip you'll notice that the triceps seem to do most of the work while lifting the weight. Make sure to lower the weight to the lower chest while doing reverse grip bench presses to hit the triceps. Close grip bench presses are a great triceps weight training exercise as long as you make sure to lower the weight to a few inches above your chest than lift it. Lowering the weight all the way to your chest may put too much pressure on the outsides of the wrists.

Triceps cable push downs are awesome at the end of a triceps weight training workout. You can perform them with a straight bar, curl bar, or rope attachment.

Working hard on triceps is very much overlooked and is often why most do not get the arm size they are expecting. Bicep workouts are great and important. Triceps workouts are vital and needed if you want to increase your arm size faster and more effectively. Don’t waste your time in the gym doing thousands and thousands of curls. Mix up biceps and most importantly triceps workouts to increase your arm size.