I put on too much muscle when I workout

This is my all time favorite saying that I hear from females that workout. “I put on too much muscle when I work out with weights.” It makes me want to laugh. What most people don’t understand is that in order to gain and keep muscle mass, you have to work extremely hard in the gym. Even if you are what I like to call an “easy gainer”, putting on muscle won’t just happen if you are pushing around some weights. Muscles are built from food and you have to consume enough calories to support any kind of muscle growth. If you feel like you are starting to bulk up, you may want to take a better look at your diet. Lean body mass actually burns fat so if you have more muscle mass opposed to fat, then you are more likely to have a faster metabolism. Your strength training routine should definitely be geared toward your goals. If you are afraid of too much muscle, be sure to keep the reps high and don’t go too heavy. Still work your hardest. Weight training benefits out bodies in so many ways and I encourage you all to hit the weight room!