5 Small Things that make a Huge Impact Onstage

Ladies to the line. Ladies to the back. Front pose..... Simple as that right? If you've ever stepped onstage you know how much goes into posing in those plastic shoes. In my opinion, posing can make or break a placing; no matter what physique you bring to the stage. Too many times I've seen competitors confused with their placement or wondering why they just can't get that top spot? Well more times than not, it's not about the physique you're bringing, but how you're presenting your TOTAL package. I could go all day on the basics; but if you're reading this post, you probably already have that. This is about the small things that give you he BIG edge on your competition. 5 Little Things that make a Huge Impact Onstage: "You're not in a cattle herd"  You've trained for weeks on end, every second onstage is an opportunity to show off your hard work!  So this tip is small, but does make a large difference.  Part of presenting your package onstage is being on the line, but that doesn't mean you have to follow the herd. Two things to remember on the line: take time to start your walk and small steps wbff1can position yourself for every judge.  By waiting a couple seconds before entering the stage, you can make a bigger entrance and give yourself time to set up on the line without running into fellow competitors.  Once on the line, make sure you're far enough ahead that every judge can see you. "Simon says; MOVE". Once again we're back to the small things.  Depending on what federation you compete in, there is limits to how much a competitor can move or pose; but standing like a statue never got anyone first. Subtle movements make a competitor stick out and radiate personally. Try small hand and arm movements, glancing from side to side, and when you're transitioning to your back pose, make sure to turn with big movements in the hips and hands.  Oh and a hair flick ladies doesn't hurt either! "Face time" The first rule on being onstage is too smile right?  Sounds simple, but so many competitors struggle with this.  Either your face freezes from the lights or you cheese so big you look deranged; keeping it natural not only brings a better package, it will help you relax and have fun.  That's the whole point right? "Walk the line". The biggest mistake I see in new competitors is sole focusing on your posing presentation and not the in between of your routine.  A great walk is just as important as great posing. Mentally you should visualize and practice your entire routine: how to walk to the line, how to walk to the back line, and creating very fluid transitions between poses.   A great walk includes three things: pushing of the hips, soft strides, and power!  Your walk sets the tone to how judges will view your presentation onstage, as well as set you apart from a very large class. "Attitude my dear, really is everything" My final tip, and the hardest to explain to the athletes I coach is attitude.  Attitude isn't something you can copy, it has to be all your own! The stage can be a place of smoking mirrors, but exuding confidence? Well that's just something you can't fake. My advice is to do you, only bigger!  If you walk and pose slow, keep it; but make it graceful.  If you're more of a "peppy" personality; incorporate it in your style of walking and posing.  Whatever style you naturally are, my biggest advice is to use it and make it totally your own!  If you're new to the stage, find a competitor or Pro that is similar to your style and draw inspiration. Remember the best physique in the world can only take you so far without the right routine, presentation, and attitude!  When it comes to the stage remember the little things that can make a huge impact! RENE PIROLT EDIT 3 Article  Contributed by: Alysha White, Axis Labs Sponsored Athlete and Master Trainer @justafitchick