All The Reasons To Use A Pre-Workout

Even More Reasons To Use A Pre-Workout

For serious athletes and elite body builders, it’s common knowledge that a pre-workout can make the difference during an intense training sessions. But if you’re new to these fields or lifestyle, you might feel a little confused as to why you need to include a pre-workout supplement into your exercise regimen.

As a leading producer of pre-workout products, as well as post-workout amino recovery products, Axis Labs has carefully studied the science behind the purpose of a pre-workout. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the reasons behind using a pre-workout product.

You’ll Feel More Energetic And Alert

One of the first things you’ll notice when you take a pre-workout is that you feel more awake and aware as you workout. Most pre-workout supplements include a measure of caffeine in their specialized formulas. This caffeine stimulates your nervous system, leaving you feeling brighter and more engaged. You’ll be provided with a boost of energy that can help you get started in your workout, and in many cases, can keep you going through the entirety of your workout. Some pre-workout products, like our HAILSTORM pre-workout supplement utilizes creatine, which increases the amount of stored energy in your muscles. This means that your muscles can expend more energy for longer.

You Can Workout Harder And Longer

One of the greatest issues any athlete or bodybuilder experiences is burn out. It’s that feeling when you hit the gym strong for the first 20 minutes of your workout, and then you have a hard time sustaining that pace, or simply lack of entirely. This occurs for a lot of reasons, but in many cases, it’s simply because your body lacks the nutrients it needs to continue working out. Leading pre-workout energy supplements, like the ones available at Axis Labs, include ingredients like Nitrates and Beta-Alanine.

Both of these ingredients help you push through that barrier you may feel at the beginning of the workout. Nitrates are broken down by the body and converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide runs in short supply when your body is diverting oxygen to other parts of your body. By improving the amount of nitric oxide in your body, you’re expanding your blood vessels, which increases your blood flow. This means that more oxygen is being moved to the muscle groups that need it most.

Similarly, Beta-Alanine helps provide your body long-lasting energy. This ingredient has been proven to improve your performance when you workout doing moderately intense activities, like lifting and squats. This is because Beta-Alanine turns into Carnosine, which buffers the amount of lactic acid that coats your muscles. The Carnosine allows your body to keep working through “the burn” you feel as a result of the lactic acid.

They Reduce Muscle Breakdown

We’ve all experienced the frustration of hitting the gym hard, seeing obvious, visible gains in our muscles, only to have those gains fade away the next morning, or even a few hours later. This is because your body is lacking the amino acids it needs to sustain these gains. A pre-workout drink is balanced with the right amount of BCAAs, or Branched-Chain Amino Acids, that your body needs. These amino acids allow you to recover more quickly, and allow your muscles to start repairing themselves even as you move on to working out another part of your body. Amino acids will also help you feel less sore after a long workout.  

Looking for a complete pre-workout product that will improve your performance, and reduce your post-workout recovery time? Then it’s time to start including pre-workout supplements from Axis Labs into your supplement routine. We offer start-of-the-art and proven supplements that can help you reach the next level of your fitness goals.

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