Axis Labs - HAILSTORM Intense Energy Pre-Workout - 30 Servings
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 HAILSTORM: Intense Workout Amplifier


Pre-workout supplements are a dime a dozen nowadays. Most sports nutrition companies egregiously “label dress” their pre-workout powder with ingredients that have little evidence for their effectiveness.

Axis Labs is tired of this trend, so we’re taking a stand with the game-changing formula in HAILSTORM! Read on to learn what makes HAILSTORM a cut above the competition.


Every ingredient in HAILSTORM was chosen with a purpose in mind and dosed at an amount proven in scientific and clinical research. We want you to get the most out of your efforts in the gym, so HAILSTORM is formulated to take your training to an unprecedented level.

This means that from your very first scoop of HAILSTORM you’ll experience intense energy, sharp focus, skin-bursting pumps, increased strength, and endless stamina while you train! Not to mention HAILSTORM is naturally flavored and you won’t be able to stop drinking it once you taste it!

HAILSTORM was not formulated based on conjecture and guesswork. We spent countless hours in the gym testing different ingredients and reviewing studies from top universities and labs to find out what REALLY WORKS for enhancing athletic performance and results!

The result of our ongoing efforts is HAILSTORM - The most powerful and effective pre-workout supplement on the market.


  • Clean, Explosive Energy & Sharp Focus
  • Immediate Increases in Strength & Power
  • Enhance Blood Flow to Muscle Tissue For Skin-Bursting Pumps
  • Blunt Muscular Fatigue & Increase Stamina
  • No Jitters or Crashing

Science & Research behind HAILSTORM

Ok, we get it: the claims we just made are pretty damn bold. You’re probably wondering how HAILSTORM can ever live up to such hype...Is the formula really as effective as we just made it out to be? In short: HELL YES IT IS!

Here’s the science and research that confirms why HAILSTORM belongs in your supplement stash...

Beta-Alanine (3200 mg per serving)

Beta-alanine present in humans mainly derives from a dipeptide called carnosine. Carnosine is comprised of histidine and beta-alanine, and its synthesis in muscle tissue is generally impeded by lack of beta-alanine. An 8-week study on collegiate athletes found that those who supplemented with beta-alanine gained lean mass AND lost body-fat; those who didn’t take beta-alanine lost lean mass over the study period.[4]

HAILSTORM incorporates a sufficient amount of CarnoSyn® patented and purity-tested beta-alanine in order to increase the concentration of carnosine in your muscles.

Primary Benefits of Beta Alanine: [4-6]

  • Elevates synthesis of intramuscular carnosine
  • Reduces muscular fatigue and increases work capacity
  • Increases muscle anabolism
  • Promotes vasodilation/pumps since carnosine generates NO synthase

MagnaPower® Magnesium Creatine Chelate (1,000mg per serving)

MagnaPower® is a revolutionary chelated form of creatine (using magnesium) and is proven to be highly bioavailable.[8] Creatine is arguably the most effective single sports supplement ingredient known to man, allowing you to do more work over a series of sets or exercises, leading to greater gains in strength, muscle mass and performance over time.

Many supplement companies use bulk sourced creatine monohydrate which is often adulterated and impure.  Axis Labs isn’t here to cut corners, so HAILSTORM gives you patented MagnaPower®, which is tested and quality-controlled for maximum purity.

Primary MagnaPower® Benefits: [8-10]

  • Increases strength and power
  • Promotes muscle fullness and hydration
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Works as a natural anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective agent

Agmatine Sulfate (750 mg per serving)

One way we like to describe agmatine to consumers is that it’s like the bigger, more badass brother of L-arginine (a nonessential amino acid). Agmatine is a derivative of arginine, and the “pump” effect that many gym-goers experience after taking L-arginine is more properly attributed to the actions of agmatine.[1]

Agmatine works primarily by modulating key enzymes of the nitric oxide synthase (NOS) family, and by “turning on” alpha(2)-adrenergic receptors.[2] These mechanisms result in many benefits, such as increased vasodilation/blood flow, enhanced insulin sensitivity, and boosted cognitive function, which are all beneficial for athletes and gym-goers.

Primary Agmatine Benefits: [1-3]

  • Vasodilation (i.e. enhances “the pump”)
  • Increases insulin sensitivity and enhances glucose metabolism
  • Promotes secretion of beta-endorphin
  • Works as a natural anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective agent

HyrdroMax® (providing 650mg of Glycerol per serving)

HydroMax® is patented high-potency glycerol - an organic polyol with beneficial properties in humans. After consuming glycerol, it is quickly taken up by skeletal muscles and attracts fluid, thereby promoting muscle fullness and better pumps during training.[7] Be wary as many pre-workout supplements on the market use a cheaper form of glycerol called glycerol monostearate, which is often under 5% glycerol (rendering it useless for performance enhancement).

Primary Benefits of HyrdroMax®:

  • Increases power and strength production
  • Supports hydration
  • Promotes cellular “swelling” and pumps

Natural Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg per serving)

Caffeine is a methylxanthine found in a variety of plants, especially tea leaves and coffee beans. HAILSTORM includes 300mg of caffeine per serving to satisfy even those who are highly tolerant to stimulants. Caffeine is one of the most well-researched stimulants, with evidence showing it can enhance athletic performance by quite a margin. In fact, research suggests that athletes who supplement with both creatine and caffeine before training are able to achieve 10% more peak power during training than those who supplement with only creatine. [11]

Primary Benefits of Caffeine: [11-14]

  • Increases energy and motivation
  • Bolsters the effects of MagnaPower® creatine
  • Supports fat loss by increasing fatty acid oxidation
  • Provides cognitive benefits
  • Increases oxygen uptake via bronchodilation

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (250 mg per serving)

L-tyrosine is the amino acid precursor to both dopamine and norepinephrine, the neurotransmitters that modulate reward and motivation. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) is a highly bioavailable form of L-tyrosine that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and enhances dopamine synthesis, thereby promoting cognitive function and increasing drive.[15]

Dynamine™ (providing 40mg of Methylliberine per serving)

Dynamine™ is a patented, novel nootropic and blood flow enhancing ingredient providing high-potency methylliberine. Dynamine™ features gallate-enhanced oligomers derived from grape seed extract and green tea extract that promote vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels). Preliminary findings also show Dynamine also improves energy, enhances focus, and promotes better mood with a fast and intense onset of action. 

Be careful to not confuse Dynamine™ as being just another generic low-grade form of green tea extract or grape seed extract (which are rife in supplements these days). Instead, Dynamine™ is a unique ingredient that contains a proprietary mix of the most potent blood-flow enhancing fractions of green tea and grape seed extracts, including Peak G6.[16]

These compounds in Dynamine work by activating the enzyme responsible for synthesizing nitric oxide (NO), called endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). This enzyme is necessary for vasodilation  and is the rate-limiting factor in determining whether or not NO can be synthesized. This makes Dynamine™ the ideal ingredient to take with other NO-enhancing ingredients, such as agmatine.

TeaCrine® (providing 20mg of Theacrine per serving)

TeaCrine® is a patented form of theacrine, which complements the stimulatory nature of caffeine in HAILSTORM. Theacrine is methyluric acid and derivative of caffeine, working synergistically to increase major catecholamines. Research shows that theacrine boosts levels of dopamine and adrenaline, thereby promoting better focus, better performance, and better mood.[17]

Bioperine® (5mg per serving)

Bioperine® is a patented form of black pepper fruit extract, which helps promote the absorption, duration of action, and utilization of all other ingredients found in HAILSTORM.


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