Post Workout Recovery and Gains: 4 tips that will Improve Your Workout Today

Pick up a magazine. Scroll through the social media pages.

Chances are you’re seeing: “Gains, gains, gains!” “Hit your PR now!” “Your ultimate build program.”

No matter what your goal is this year, every athlete that walks into the gym and slams a dumbbell, wants the same thing: improvement!

But before you can think about your next big gains in tomorrow’s workout, the key to growth lies in your recovery today!

What will make the difference in this year’s goals is starting with your workout routine today.

Post workout health and recovery is as vital part in getting to your goals! Here’s how to improve your workout right now!


4 tips to improve your Post Workout and Recovery Today:

Get Mobile: Everyone knows that stretching post workout is important; but if you’re like me, sometimes you speed through your stretching sessions post workout. I’ve been here 2 hours, why do I need to add MORE onto my gym time?

Here’s why: Stretching post workout is not only vital to aiding your muscles recovery, but it plays a crucial role in keeping you mobile enough to continue your training routine. And not hinder the effectiveness of your next lifts or workouts.

Stretching the main muscle groups increase blood flow and circulation that can cut down on muscle soreness and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Basically if you dread stairs after a leg day, stretching should be part of your workout daily!imagesVOH96TMW When stretching for post workout look for static stretches (exercises like the hamstring or IT Band stretch that lengthen the muscle gradually in an elongated position) vs. active stretching; active should be done in pre-workout and warm up. Also, foam rolling post workout can eliminate acid retention in the muscle groups.

The Proof is in the Post: My favorite time of the day is post workout meal! Here is the time in your nutrition to fuel and recover your muscles, adding in a majority of your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Don’t be fooled that this is time to get loose on your nutritional goals!

Depending on your nutrition program; all post workout meals should include 30% of your daily carbohydrate intake. Also, the optimal window for protein intake is 30-45 minutes after activity; so get cookin in that kitchen!

Pick the most nutrient dense foods to add into your post workout meals. My favorite post workout meal includes roasted herb chicken, avocado, and mashed sweet potatoes.

Recovery doesn’t play favorites: It’s true. Post recovery doesn’t just apply to certain athletes and disciplines; it’s crucial to every training program!

When I started my career, I thought I only needed stretching and post recovery on the heavy leg days; I was so wrong! I soon found out that I was losing mobility from not stretching after my light cardio days, when my body was still needing to recover from previous strength days.

The truth is that whether you’re strength or endurance training, you’re still asking your body to perform at an elite level of fitness and what habit you place in your workout routines, decides your body’s mobility, hydration, and recovery for every workout; not just the leg smashing days.

Fast Track your Post Recovery with Supplementation: So this is the part where you expect me to give you a grocery list of supplements to add to your gym bag for post workout recovery; wrong!untitled

I’ve found that when it comes to all my supplements, not just post workout, quality is the key over quantity any workout day! Which is why I choose Axis Labs N’GAGE Amino for every workout! I don’t just use this product; my body depends on it!

Last year I was started a brutal training regimen to prepare for the CMT show, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch. It was 6 hour training days, 5 days a week, and I noticed the athletes sucking down Gatorade would look sluggish half way through training; meanwhile my body felt recovered every day!

Here’s why this product so elite in recovery training: N’GAGE Aminos only has 100% pure instantized amino acids and has zero sugar, carbohydrates, stimulants, or dyes. Which means its quality surpasses most recovery drinks on the market and because it’s a clean based formula with no sugar or carbs, I’m not sacrificing my nutrition goals for a recovery drink.

No matter what training is your style, you HAVE to be incorporating your recovery drink in training.


Alysha’s N’GAGE Post Recovery Jello Shots:

What you’ll need: 1 box sugar free jello packet (cherry is my favorite), 4 scoops Axis Labs N’Gage Amino (cherry limewave flavor), single serving plastic shot cups

How to Make It: Mix Engage and jello ingredients together in small bowl and pour into plastic cups. Place in your fridge overnight and let them become firm. Throw them into your cooler for your workout or in your fridge to grab for a post workout treat!

We train hard as athletes, and giving your body the correct supplementation, nutrition, and recovery is just the building blocks for your physique.

Just by implementing these small steps in your workout routine, you'll be amazed at the results!  So now that you have a post workout game plan, get out there; you have gains to get too!

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Alysha White, Axis Labs Sponsored Athlete and Fitness Model