3 Bizarre Fat Loss Tips That Work!

1) Apple cider vinegar with lemon in warm water upon waking. While this might not be the most appetizing of treats for you, this one can go a long way in helping you to accomplish your fat loss goals. Let’s break this down. ACV (apple cider vinegar) will help to restore proper PH within your body. If your body doesn't have the proper PH levels, nothing works as well as it should. ACV is also great for digestion and liver cleansing. You ever use vinegar to clean things around the house? Well, this works the same way for your liver. The liver is a very important organ when it comes to metabolism and 1TBSP of ACV will help to keep it happy. Lemon has been shown to have benefits of cleansing the body and improving metabolism. Some people will choose a fresh squeezed lemon, I prefer to do a lemon oil as it is more potent and easier to keep around. There is some who suggest you may burn an extra 75-100 calories a day just by adding lemon to your water. And finally, why warm water? Warm water first thing in the morning has been shown to help digestion. With all the crazy and bizarre things that we need to eat to accomplish our goals, good digestion will be key for your results.
2) Cayenne pepper on your foods. So here is how this works… You know how you can feel the heat in your mouth and stomach from the cayenne pepper? Well, it works the same way for your metabolism. Consuming cayenne pepper on your foods that you eat may help to “heat” up your metabolism a bit. Plus, who doesn't love a little spice on their food?  Why cayenne? Because it contains the active plant compound capsaicin. Capsaicin brings the heat to this pepper, the burning sensation you get when you eat it. It's a completely natural part of cayenne pepper, and many other peppers, that can kick your fat loss diet up a notch.
cayenne 3) Drink ice water during the day! Yes, it is so simple but fact is that it may really help you burn a few extra calories. When you are looking for your maximum results, every little bit counts when it comes to calories out. You see your body needs to maintain a certain temperature and it will work to make sure that it stays at that temperature. The same is true of cold weather. When you are out in the cold, your body will actually burn more calories to keep the body at the temperature it should be at. The definition of a calorie is: The approximate amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere. While this may not be a huge “fat burner” for you, it is worth trying!
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