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Join our Axis Labs Affiliate Program & Earn 25% Commission with Each Sale Generated!

How You Ask?

It's easy!– Just enter your email below to sign up. Once approved, you will get an email with your new account and login information. You will then be able to login to your dashboard, where you can manage and keep track of your referrals, orders, commission and other information. Good luck and remember, this is a partnership! We are here to support you in any way possible to make sure you are successful. Let's begin!


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Questions about our affiliate program?

Start by entering your email above. Once approved, you will get new account and login information sent to you via email. We provide you with an online dashboard that keeps track of your referrals, orders, commissions, progress, goals, and campaign information. This is a great tool to stay organized and know just how much you’re bringing in each month.

You'll be getting a 25% commission on every order you generate. Also, when you refer a friend to become an affiliate you earn 10% of their sales.We will be providing you the marketing assets. You'll have a guided track to become profitable and successful. Plus you can gain eligibility of becoming an Axis Labs Sponsored Personality.

Commissions are paid through PayPal automatically 30 days after the sale.

The best way to succeed is to utilize your influence on social media. This technique causes a snowball effect, generating more and more business with each and every person reached. If used correctly, social media can spread our message like wildfire, resulting in you getting PAID. Also, there are no restrictions on where you can promote.