Your Top Three Pre-Workout Questions Answered

Next to ab exercises and what protein to use, surprisingly I get asked quite often about Pre-Workout. How to warm up, what actual pre-workout to take, or even what to eat and once you know the basic rules, getting ready for training never seemed so simple.

So I’ll keep this light and to the point, here we go Your Top 3 Pre-Workout Questions Answered:

“What should be in my pre-workout or warm up routine?”

This question might be the most important and usually the most overlooked. For some athletes a pre-workout routine includes throwing some powder and a shaker and jumping into the first set, but supplementing a warm up routine can not only give you a greater workout, but can also help with your post recovery while training. Any pre-workout warm up should include two things: active stretching and heart rate. When active stretching think to hit every major muscle group and get the heart rate and body temperature up.

“What should I eat for a pre-workout training?”

This is the most overthought question for most athletes and the answer is 15%. Your pre-workout meal should consist of 15% of your daily carbohydrate intake, for example is my total daily carb intake is 150 grams of carbs, my pre-workout should consist of 22 grams. My favorite pre-meal workout is sliced apple and peanut butter, rice cakes with agave, and sugar free jelly and toast.


“What pre-workout is the best to take?”

In an industry, flooded with thousands of pre-workout supplements, it’s impossible to know what to choose. When looking for pre-workout I look for efficiency in a product, not bogged down by ingredient overload or over-dosed stimulants and for me it’s always Axis Labs Sma5h. I’ll spare you the scientific limbo, but this product has had the highest absorption rate I’ve ever used and tastes amazing!