Working out is painful

You know what they say, “No Pain No Gain”. It is not called a workout for nothing. When you are in the gym, you are actually doing a type of work. This type of work can be challenging and even somewhat painful. Remember that your body can adapt to almost anything and is capable of much more than you may have imagined. In the beginning, working out may feel like a struggle because you are working muscle groups that you rarely used before. You may feel extremely sore from working those different muscles groups. Try not to overdo it and give your body enough time to get used to the new training. Use lighter weights and do higher repetitions at first. Focus on squeezing and trying to isolate the muscle group you are working. Your muscles have a memory and they will respond better over time. Repetition and consistency are crucial when it comes to getting results. You may want to push yourself but don’t get to the point where you hurt so much the next day that you can barely walk or lift your arms. The first few weeks might be the toughest. Please make sure you are getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, taking the proper recovery supplements, and eating right. Your pre and post workout meals are important and you can eliminate a lot of that muscles soreness if you are feeding your body right and letting it recover properly.