Why Do You Need To Increase Your Testosterone?

Whether you’re trying to smash through your next set of high weight reps, or you’re just trying to live a healthier lifestyle, many people recognize that the hormone, testosterone, plays a large part in these efforts. It’s a pivotal hormone in the growth and development of males and is one of the most important hormones in building and maintaining a strong body. But for those who may not be aware of these benefits of this hormone, they might question why they would need higher levels of testosterone in their body. So why is it important to keep your T-levels in balance throughout your life, and how can you do it? Stick around as Axis Labs delves into this topic.

The Benefits of Testosterone

In some ways, testosterone is a sort of "wonder hormone" that affects your body in a myriad of positive ways when it’s in balance. With adequate, or even temporarily raised T-levels, you’ll feel better, perform better, and maybe even look better.

Testosterone is Linked to Healthy Body Weight

If you’re like most Americans, it’s likely that you’re carrying around a few extra pounds. But when you’ve broken your bad eating habits, you’re better being active, and you’re still not seeing weight loss results, it might be due to your testosterone levels. You see, it’s a sort of vicious cycle. As your body’s testosterone levels begin to decrease, the ability to manage our insulin, glucose, and fast metabolism also changes. This leads to the collection of fat in our bodies. But the negative feedback loop doesn’t stop there. With a higher concentration of fat in our bodies, our T-levels begin to drop even further. It’s one of the reasons that men who struggle with obesity also struggle with managing their testosterone levels. Only by breaking one of these cycles can you begin to start losing that excess weight.

Testosterone Could Play a Role in Heart Health

The research community is still split on how your T-levels affect your heart, but some studies have suggested that it can affect this vital organ in a variety of ways. Reports from 2010 argued that increasing your T-levels can actually lead to heart disease later. Grim news, undoubtedly. But a study just one year later in 2011 found the opposite. That men with low T-levels were more prone to heart disease and health complications related to it. While these studies might offer conflicting evidence, what it does tell us is that the testosterone hormone’s effects on the functions of your body is pronounced.

Testosterone Can Help You Build a Better Body

When it comes to working out regularly, crushing reps, and building your best body, testosterone plays a critical role. That’s because studies have linked testosterone directly to your body’s ability to develop muscle mass through increasing muscle protein synthesis. A study from 1985that the subjects with higher T-levels increased their muscle protein synthesis, meaning greater gains faster. While we’re all looking for stronger, more defined muscles, it’s important to keep your bone health in mind as well. Despite being closely connected to women’s health, osteoporosis has been found in men as well. This disease weakens your bones, making them prone to breaks and fractures that can put you out of commission for weeks, if not months. Fortunately, testosterone has been shown to improve bone health. A 1999 study determined that testosterone stimulated bone mineralization while simultaneously decreasing bone resorption. This means strong, healthy bones even into old age.

Your Mental Health Benefits From Testosterone Too

Physical health has been a priority for most people for years, but recently, more study has been poured into the effects of mental health on long-term wellness, and even it’s role in your physical wellbeing. Depression is a devastating mental health condition that affects many. Perhaps not surprisingly, low concentrations of free testosterone has been linked to depression in older men. Not unlike weight gain, researchers have found some connection between T-levels and depression and their cyclical relationship. But research has found that, in some cases, increase testosterone levels in subjects can help to alleviate symptoms of depression. More than just depression, testosterone plays a role in long-term mental health. Alzheimer’s can severely limit the cognitive ability of an individual. Memory loss, brain tissue decay, and mental "fogginess" can all make daily living a challenge. In several studies, researchers have made the connection between low T-levels and a decline in cognitive abilities, leading to issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Fortunately, increased levels of testosterone have been shown to.

Testosterone Helps With Sexual Health

Given that testosterone is the male sex hormone, it seems natural that it would aid in your sexual health as well. Men of all ages and in different levels of physical health can experience sexual health concerns like low libido and erectile dysfunction. Indeed, these concerns are often the first symptoms of low T-levels men notice. Maintaining your T-levels then means that you can also maintain your sexual performance. But your testosterone levels do more than just affect your game in bed. It also affects how you interact with potential sexual partners as well. Research suggests that both males and females with high levels of testosterone found their more feminine or masculine counterparts more attractive.

Ways That Could Help Boost Your Testosterone Right Now

So the reasons why you should boost or maintain levels of testosterone are obvious, but the ways to do so might be less clear. Fortunately, you can start boosting your testosterone levels right now, and it’s through the habits, diets, and exercises you might already be doing.

Make Good Sleep a Priority

The fact of the matter is, getting good rest does more than just help boost your testosterone levels. But how much sleep you get might have a bigger impact on your T-levels than you might realize. A study found that for every hour of sleep you gain, there could be up to a 15 percent increase in testosterone. So how much sleep do you need? 7-10 hours of sleep is optimal. Just make sure that you get more than five, as less than that has been linked to dramatic decreases in T-levels.

Focus On Your Diet

You are what you eat, and clearly, your testosterone levels are a part of that. Research has shown for a long time that your T-levels are closely linked to your diet and overall health. One report found that an unbalanced diet, or constantly getting on and off fad diets, can disrupt your hormone levels. So what should you be eating to maintain your T-levels? The answer to this one is easy: the same balanced diet you should already be eating. Whether that’s a ketogenic diet or a balanced diet, getting enough fruits and vegetables as well as healthy carbs and fats ensures long-term health and balanced testosterone levels.

Hit The Gym More

Exercise is great for you for a million different reasons, but if you’re looking for just one, it’s good for your testosterone production. A study in Europe found that individuals who are more physically active will have higher testosterone levels than those who are not. In fact, exercise has such a pronounced effect on T-levels, that some studies even suggest that it’s more effective than weight loss in boosting your testosterone levels. That said, don’t push yourself too hard and make sure you take your rest days seriously. Overexercising can actually lower your testosterone.

More Relaxation and Less Stress

We should all strive to live stress-free lives, but this is especially true for those looking to improve their testosterone levels. Living with stress for long periods of time can have a marked impact on your overall health, and has been linked to changes in levels of testosterone. Finding ways to reduce stress (see our types above) is an easy way to make sure your testosterone levels are fluctuating.

Utilizing a Testosterone Boosting Supplement

If you’re doing all of the above, but want to make the most of your efforts, a great way to do so is through the use of testosterone-boosting supplements. These boosters utilize proven vitamins and minerals that help to balance your testosterone, build muscle mass, enhance muscle appearance, and sustain your gains. Moreover, these boosters can help you lose weight, improve your sex drive, and even help you feel better mentally and physically.

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