What you didnt know about Food Prep tell NOW

Food (prep) for Success!

What is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of most people achieving their fitness goals? It’s not their physical activity or that they are not working out hard enough, it’s their diet! You can kill yourself in the gym but if your nutrition is not in check, you’re spinning your wheels and wasting your time. I love the quote. “Abs are made in the kitchen”.
It’s not that people don’t necessarily know how to make good food choices, it’s that they fail to prepare. They leave the house each day and go off to work without their food prepped and rely on the world to provide them with nutritional food that will help them reach their goals.
Don’t get me wrong, nowadays there are many healthy choices out there and overall I think that society or at least some companies are becoming aware that there is a market for providing healthy food choices to their customers.  Fast food chains has added oatmeal and salad options to their menus. With that being said, there are still lots of obstacles to overcome.
The problem with not preparing your food, and flying by the seat of your pants kind of attitude and approaching your daily diet in this fashion, moments of desperation WILL come.  Moments when the hunger monster takes over and instead of taking the time to find a healthy choice that is conducive to your diet, you will reach for the donuts sitting in the lounge at work.  Before you know it, your crack head moment is over and you are in agony at the fact that you broke your diet and you have no relocation of what just happened.
Sure people including myself have weak moments and give in.  What do you do? You pick yourself up and continue to move forward. The problem with having a few of these moments weekly can really set you back and hinder your progress.  If anything you demoralize yourself each time you do this and after a while your motivation disappears completely.
Here are a few tips to meal prep that have helped me stick to my diet.
  • Go to the store with a list
Before you can have an effective food prep session, you need to make sure you have all the food you need. Nothing is more frustrating then getting into your prep when you realize you don’t have something on your menu.  My suggestion, go to the store with a detailed list of what you need to purchase.  I even go so far as to break down the items by the sections of the store like veggies, meats, etc.
  • Schedule a prep time
Just like any other important event or meeting in your life, schedule your food prep time.  I prefer Sundays because it’s the end of my weekend before I start my work week. I might have another mini prep on Wednesday night for things like veggies.  During this time I am putting in the hour or so and dedicating that time strictly to preparing my food.
  • Cook and prep in bulk
When you cook and prep you want to do this in bulk. What I mean by this is that instead of cooking a few chicken breast, cook the whole bag. Instead of prepping for one day, prep for the whole week. When you approach food prep this way you are making your life easier and you are setting yourself up for success. You get up in the morning, eat breakfast, and pull your food for the day out of the fridge and then you’re out the door for the day.
  • Have the right tools
Just like any job, having the right tools is key, food prep is no different. Below are a few tools that have helped me to successfully stick with my diet.
Food scale
Food Scale
Cutting scissors
Cooking Scissors
Cooler Bag

Six Pack Bag
Again you can kill it in the gym daily but if you fail to prepare to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to build muscle, your wasting your time.  I like to think of my diet like the construction of a building.  A building needs a foundation, wood, nails, brackets, nuts and bolts, and a whole lot more to ensure that the structure will last for many years ahead.  Your body also  needs essential materials to build a foundation, muscle need materials. If you want your body to stand strong for many years ahead, to last through the storms of life, you can't build a strong foundation with crap food or not enough food. Prep your food, prep for success!
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