Want to burn fat? Squat heavy!

So you want to know how to maximize your fat loss.  You want what all the rest of want, to get the most fat lost in the quickest amount of time possible while maintaining your muscle.  Am I right?  Well what if I told you that the best answer for this was not more cardio?  What if I told you that the answer to this is to move some heavy ass weight around?
Truth is, the science has determined that lifting heavy loads on compound, multi-joint movements requires a tremendous amount of calorie expenditure.  And the cool thing, not only do we burn massive amounts of calories by testing these large muscle groups under high loads, we also continue to burn a ton of calories for up to 36 hours after we finish our workout.
Typical cardio training actually teaches our body to hold on to body fat if we don't do it smart.  Muscle is an expensive tissue and it requires a lot of energy to exist.  If you train your body under long steady state cardio, it will begin to see muscle as being too expensive of a tissue to keep around to support the activity you are constantly demanding out of it.  The result?  Your body slowly uses muscle tissue for energy and you see yourself begin to flatten out.
Muscle is a very metabolic tissue, meaning it requires a lot of oxygen to exist.  And, when we work our muscles, we require even more oxygen.  How much oxygen our body uses is a pretty accurate measure of how many calories we burn on a daily basis.  In short, make your muscles work more (ideally the big ones), and you will see a very high calorie burn as a result.