Use drop sets to shock your muscles!


  Remember when you first starting lifting and your tender hands started to change?  Remember how you developed these scabby hard pieces of skin under your fingers on the palm of your hand?  Those calluses can tell us a lot about how the body adapts to the stress that we put it through.  You see, the calluses are your bodies way of adapting to the rough bar that you have been making a new part of your life at the gym.  Now, we can relate this to muscle growth. If you have gone a while without switching up your routine, your body has likely adapted to what you providing it with.  Our body is meant to adapt so that we can use our energy efficiently and, while this might be great for survival, it is not what you want when it comes to muscle growth.  You should be making drastic adjustments to just about all the variables of your exercise routine on a 4-6 week basis to keep the stimulus fresh and your body guessing.  One way to switch things up are though the use of drop sets. Drop sets are where you do your set with a normal rep range, drop the weight down and do another round of reps without resting between the two sets.  Drop sets will cause your muscle that you are working to have to recruit more muscles as you fatigued a good number of the fibers on the first set.  The more of the muscle you can recruit, the more muscle size you can potentially add.  Think of this like a toilet bowl flushing.  After your first set you would normally "flush the toilet" and wait for the water to replenish before doing the next set.  The drop set is a flush right after the first flush when your muscles haven't fully had a chance to recover which will cause your body to dig deeper than ever before.  Here is an example of an exercise Set 1- 10 reps (normal 45sec-2min rest) Set 2- 10 reps/10 reps (only rest enough to drop your weight down and then rest 45 sec-2min after the second set) Set 3- 10 reps/20 reps/10 reps (Again, no really rest between the 3 drop sets) Be prepared to feel the burn!  I don't recommend following a drop set program for more than 4 weeks as it has a tendency to wear the body down pretty good.  You will not be moving around as much weight so save your strength focus for a different phase of training.  Happy drop setting my friends! Are you going into your contest season! Axis Labs has you covered with Muscle Building and Recovery! As soon as you are ready to lean out and have that sexy Swimsuit body Synthaleans will get you absolutely shredded! Just look at our amazing athletes!

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