Lastly, there are some sugars to avoid completely. Anything with white sugar, refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup typically are not good ideas. I call these empty calories because they have no nutritional value and will usually wind up stored as body fat…yuck!!! They also tend to be in highly processed foods, which are not good for the person trying to enhance their physique. If you are unsure if the foods you like contain these, simply read the label. If the food contains things you can’t pronounce…don’t eat it! It would be good if you new exactly what you were putting into your body. If you try looking up some of these ingredients you may be shocked to read some of the negative side effects.
Our bodies do not benefit from empty of calories at all. Sugar is definitely the enemy and even more so in the world of fit people. Eating highly processed snack foods that are often loaded with sugary carbohydrates is something everyone should avoid. These things will only help you increase your waistline, but also negatively impact the development of ones brain and lead to many diseases down the road. The worst part about eating excessive amounts of sugar is the more you eat it the more you will crave it. Avoiding these things all together will not only positively benefit your health but also will help you achieve your goals in the gym much more effectively and efficiently. If your going to train hard in the gym you might as well eat the best that you can so you can achieve those results you have been striving for!!!