Ultimate Booty Gain Workout: Under Utilized Booty Builder

No matter our age, one of the most sought after most prestigious body part is a great butt. We've all heard the saying shows are won from the back. Yes, great backs are a must, but your glutes can make or break your entire package.

Role of the Glutes First off lets talk about the primary function of the glutes and why we want them to be stronger and or bigger, other than looking great. Glutes are arguably the most powerful set of muscles in the body. Primary function is to extend hips (this is where power for squats, dead-lifts, sprints, etc comes from) and to pull leg back behind body. So it would make sense to strengthen and build glutes.
Squats: King of Booty Builder? No. I will get a lot of flack for this from some, but here is why. Squats are a great mass builder, great total leg movement and a great overall athletic move. But because of mobility or bio-mechanics not everyone is able to get a great glute workout. Some people lack the mobility to squat to a depth required to engage glutes. Glutes are engaged from the "butt to grass" depth up until right below parallel. Parallel and above your glutes have little to no activity. Some people are quad dominate because they lack the mind muscle connection to actually get glutes to fire. So no matter the depth they are just powering thru with quads not engaging glutes at all. Yes, both of these issues can and should be addressed and improved. But, is there a movement that allows for isolation of the glutes while allowing heavy weight to be moved? Yes! Hip Thrust: The "Real" King Hip thrusts allow you to learn what optimal extension is and how to improve this power movement. How many of us remember hearing coaches say full extension on a dead-lift, or open those hips a squat? So how do you execute this movement? You will need a bench, a barbell and a pad or folded towel. Just like every other movement, form is everything. Start with just body weight, I promise you will still feel it, or a weight light enough for you to get form down. You may need a spotter in beginning until you advance to 135 lbs, then you can just role weight into place. You are going to sit on ground with back up against bench. Legs out in front of you. Weight on lap below crotch, be careful, pad or towel between you and bar. Now plant feet under knees and elbows into bench behind you. First lift is tricky. Now lift butt off ground. Use your hands to stabilize bar. Once you are steady thrust hips up past parallel, driving thru heels and squeezing thru glutes the entire time.Keep chin neutral, not up not down just straight ahead. Lower to start position, careful not to hyper-extend back. Repeat for your desired reps and sets. You will find you'll increase weight much quicker than other lifts once you are comfortable with movement. Incorporate hip thrusts into your normal routine and I promise not only will you improve your other lifts, but you'll also start to notice a harder rounder set of glutes. This will quickly become your go to move for glutes! You want that booty to grow Axis Labs has all of your amazing products! Check them all out here at: Synthalean Fat Loss