Training for Awesome ABdominals

One of the most common goals you will hear from anyone in the gym is that they want awesome ripped abs. The biggest reason behind this is because ripped abs show how serious you are about your training and nutrition. Abs is responsible for this because they are usually the hardest part of the body to get the way you want without some hard work. It is very hard because most people tend to store body fat in the same region, and it is usually body fat that is very hard to lose.

Every man or woman has his/her own uniquely shaped abs. You can’t get a picture out of a magazine and try to sculpt yours abs to look like anyone else’s. Thinking yours abs will be exactly like anyone else’s is a battle you will always be losing no matter how great your diet and training is. If your training and diet is right on then the awesome abs that are made for your body will be what you are working for. Train for your abs, not the abs of someone you saw somewhere else.

A huge part of creating an awesome midsection is your food intake. Everyone has abs, unfortunately most of us have a layer of fat hiding them. Removing that fat is 90% diet. If you aren’t motivated and disciplined enough to control the food that goes in, then getting awesome abs is not something you should think about striving for at this time in your life. Diets that consist of high amounts of protein, average amounts of fat, and low to average amount of carbohydrates seem to be the most effective as it helps to control insulin levels more effectively. Insulin is the prime hormone for storing body fat.

When training your abs think about what your goal is first for your abs. If you want your abs to have more definition and really show, then you want to try some ball exercises. Ball exercises decrease your stability which causes your abs to work very hard. To increase the size of your abs you want to do weight training. Muscle tissue will only grow when an overloading weight is placed upon it. Decline weighted sit ups and leg raises with weight strapped to your ankles are excellent options. Contraction exercises are the last type that you should train with to get your perfect abs. What this style training does it practice your abs into staying contracted, which allows them to become more visible and more muscular. To do this you simply tensing your abs, holding for 10 seconds and releasing. Repeat this tense/hold combo 5 to 10 times a couple of times a day and you should notice a difference in a few weeks.

Everyone wants awesome abs, but it does involve probably more work and attention than any other muscle group of the body. If the diet is in check, and the training is done properly and often enough then great abs will soon be on its way.