This is How I Roll! Benefits to Foam Rolling

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Benefits of Foam Rolling

    When I first started noticing people at the gym foam rolling, I rolled my eyes and said, “oh boy, here is the newest gym fad. I wonder how long it will take to die out?” The thought also crossed my mind that maybe headbands and leg warmers would be making a comeback tour.

My attitude was as such because #1 I didn’t know why they were doing and I did not understand therefore I feared it. #2 I did not know the benefits of foam rolling and how foam rolling could assist me in reaching my fitness goals. My ignorance at the time kept me from taking advantage of a practice that would affect my body in a positive way. Would you turn down a massage? Not taking advantage of foam rolling to me is like I am turning down a massage. That move would be plain dumb. I recommend foam rolling before and after a workout for the following reasons.  

  1. Increased blood flow which increases flexibility and range of motion as well as recovery as well as assisting in getting a bigger pump.
  2. Helps with relieving your muscle tightness and tension.
  3. Like any other stretching motion foam rolling increases your range of motion and stretches your muscles to make room for new growth.
  4. Because of the increase of blood flow and the stretching of your muscles, your recovery time is sped up which means you get back into the gym quicker to hit your next hard workout with less soreness.
  5. Last but not least increased blood flow helps your body to flush out and remove toxins. Because of this you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water.So now that you know the benefits of foam rolling, go out and do it and reap the rewards!
So now that you know the benefits of foam rolling, go out and do it and reap the rewards!