Think of it as a lifestyle

As I go into yet another cutting phase I have had regrets about the time between my last cut and now. Was I as strict on my diet as I should have been? No I wasn't and needless to say I have to re motivate myself and get more body fat then I would have liked to.

This time around I am trying to change my prospective a bit. I usually have a date that I am shooting for to be a certain weight and body fat. Yes I am still going to do that but I want to have a mind shift and remember that this is a lifestyle. There is always a show, photo-shoot, video, or some sort of activity that I need to look my best. Technically I need to be ready at all times. If this is the case then I need to live my life (diet) in a way that I can be ready all the time.

If things become normal and just the way I live my life, it takes some of the stress off from having to hit certain dates. Also the progress I make won't disappear after a few weeks of having more cheat meals/ high caloric intake then I should.