The most important fat loss tip!

Reading this headline probably makes a number of different things pop into your head.  What could the most important tip possibly be?  Is it that thing you heard on Dr. Oz recently?  Or perhaps the headline you saw on the latest fitness magazine?  Truth is, the most important tip for you fat loss is a lot more simple and far too plain to make it's way onto the cover of a magazine.  You see, people really want a secret!  Our society doesn't want to believe that the answer has been staring them in the face the entire time. weightscale

Log every bit of food that you eat every day.  Yup, that's the secret!  I'm sorry if you feel a little disappointed!  The average person underestimates the amount of calories consumed by 40%!  That is a huge number to miss!  If you are aiming for 2000 calories and actually eating 2800 calories, there is really no workout that will make up for that mistake and, as a result, you will end up frustrated and disappointed with your results.  I recommend a simple app for your smart phone like myfitnesspal. texting

Once you have downloaded the tool to log your food, I have a couple more tips that will be helpful.

1) Log everything.  Yes, it doesn't matter what it is.  If it makes it's way into your stomach, log it!  There are no exceptions to this rule aside from water, and even then it's not a bad idea to log water.

2) Measure the weight of the food and not the volume.  For example, I recently saw tortilla chips where the serving size was 1 cup.  How in the hell do you measure 1 cup of tortilla chips?? For this purpose, I recommend weighing everything! weighing-food

Follow this one simple tip and you will have taken the best first step to lose fat!