The love of my life, CARBS!

The past approach-
I have been competing for the last few years and I have always taken the low carb approach. I have been able to get really lean and gotten great results, but the results came some setbacks. Setbacks like my workouts suffering, loss of muscle size and density.

Bring on the carbs!
My trainer starting this cut by upping my calories by 1,000, and upping my carbs to 500 grams! My fats were at 40, protein at 300. I have decreased those numbers slightly but guess what? I am still getting lean!

Even better I am feeling stronger and sma5hing ;-) my workouts more than ever! I am enjoying being in the gym again and loving the intensity. I have not hit over three plates on my bench for a few years. I hit 285lbs for 11 reps this last week and would have probably hit 315lbs for at least 5 reps if I hadn't of strained my peck.

I am excited to see the differences in my body when I step on stage in 10 weeks!