The Importance of Creatine

Many bodybuilders and athletes supplement Creatine to help them reach their goals. The biggest problem I notice is many have no idea what creatine is. Our bodies produce Creatine naturally. Our liver combines the amino acids of Arginine, Glycine and Methionine to create Creatine.

Another problem I notice is many do not know why they are taking the Creatine. They are not sure what Creatine is even supposed to do. Creatine has many benefits. One benefit is that Creatine gives your muscles energy. Creatine supplementation can provide more reps, longer workouts, and overall more endurance and stamina. Creatine also pulls water into your muscles. Creatine has been shown to pull water into your muscle cells, which increases the size of your muscles. It also increases pumps drastically. Studies have shown Creatine enhances protein synthesis. Several studies indicate that creatine helps put the body in a more anabolic state where protein synthesis can occur. The more protein synthesis; the greater the muscle gain, it’s that easy.

Creatine timing is very important. The most appropriate times to take Creatine are preworkout and postworkout. It is important preworkout because as I stated above it gives you more energy and can give you more endurance. It is vital postworkout because as I stated above it fuels your muscles while pulling water into muscles and increasing protein synthesis. Many athletes report taking Creatine upon waking up before breakfast as it is a great way to get your muscles saturated at the beginning of the day.

Many uneducated people may call supplementing with Creatine as cheating. I say not supplementing Creatine is cheating; you are cheating yourself out of better gains and more effective workouts. Supplementing with Creatine changes everything about your training. One workout with Creatine and you will notice by the end of your workout what you have been missing out on.