The Best Protein Rich Foods: Outside the Meat Aisle

Paleo, Gluten Free, Keto; no matter what your nutritional approach is, the most vital part of any athlete’s diet plan is protein. Obviously when you think protein, you know to head to the meat department with your shopping cart, but what if you want some variety in your nutrition? Where do you look?

I’ve made it easy and broken down the best Protein Rich Foods to add in your nutrition plan:

Top 5 Best Meat Proteins:

Chicken Breast  (4 oz.)   27g

Ground Turkey   (3 oz.)   21g

Tilapia                (5 oz.)   22g

Turkey Breast    (3 oz.)   26g  

Top 4 Dairy Proteins:

Egg         1 large   6g

Low Fat Cottage Cheese   ½ cup   15g

Low Fat Yogurt                  1 cup     12g

Low Fat Milk                      1 cup      8g imgs-protein-nuts

Top 4 Bean Proteins

Lentils   1 cup   18g

Black     1 cup   15g

Split Peas 1 cup   16g

Chickpeas   1 cup   12g  

Top Nuts, Seeds, and Grain Proteins 

Peanut Butter   2 tbls.   6g

Almonds   ¼ cup   8g

Rolled Oats   1 cup   10g

Flax Seeds   ¼ cup   8g   Quinoa   1 cup   9g vegan-protein-400x400