The Beast aka Jennifer Lynn Cowan

Over the years I have posted on several message boards doing training logs and providing my insights on lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and a whole host of other topics.  I have finally decided to start my own blog and have decided to make my home at Axis Labs!

Who am I???  Well my stage time started 6 years ago when I embarked on training for my first Figure show.  After 3 years of training for Figure I had heard "too muscular and too conditioned" one too many times and I crossed over to Bodybuilding.  As a lifetime natural athlete I knew my chances of earning a Pro-Card were slim to none but my goal was not just to earn a Pro-Card it was to be my very best when I walked on stage and enjoy what I was doing.  For me, that meant lifting heavy-really heavy! and coming into shows as lean as I could.  I knew with these goals Bodybuilding made more sense for me.

In my ever present quest to add size and compete at my highest level I found Powerlifting.  Although I have only been Powerlifting for 2 years I love it...I love the day of the meet where I can step on the platform and use my training to compete against my own numbers and the other girls at the meet.  Two of my favorite things in life is to be strong and to compete, Powerlifting is an outlet where I can do both!

Currently I am very excited about the relationship I am forming with Axis Labs and have been testing their products over the last few months.  My next Bodybuilding show will not be until Team Universe 2011 but I am anxious to test out SMASH Fully Loaded when my diet gets rough! My next Powerlifting Meet was supposed to be USAPL Nationals this May BUT...

Unfortunately my training hit a speed bump this year when I dislocated my shoulder.  Just last week I had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum and will be down for a few months as I go through rehab.  In that time I hope to get to know more of you and let you into my world.  This is my first injury and I have learned so much about myself and my body.  I will take these tough lessons with me as I continue to try to build my physique.

This blog will hopefully give you an in-depth look at competing, supplementing and just trying to survive in this industry.  I  have no shortage of opinions and a just enough knowledge, please don't hesitate to ask me questions, get some feedback or challenge me!