The Art of Physique Posing

Everybody puts the hard work in with diet and training but what about the work that goes into presentation?  How many people actually take time to dial in posing and make sure that you present the best physique on stage?  Truth is, most of the time competitors don't put in the work when it comes to this.  Too often I see great physiques on stage with people who did not put the time into practicing posing.

1) Practice.  You need to be able to pose in your sleep.  You need to feel so comfortable posing that you can hit a pose and hit it perfect the second someone asks you to do it.  I would recommend at least 20 minutes per day of posing for at least 6 weeks before a show.

2) Don't always use a mirror.  You don't have a mirror on stage so why would you always practice posing looking into a mirror?  For your first couple of weeks a mirror can be helpful for you to dial in your look but, after that you should focus on doing at least half of your posing time without a mirror.

3) Confidence.  This comes, in part, by mastering 1 and 2 on my list.  If you are not confident on stage, it will show like a sore thumb.  I always make sure to walk on stage with the cockiest mindset ever.  Sounds a little ridiculous right?  Yes, it may be however, it allows me to show my physique with an undeniable confidence.

4) Video record your routine.  Yes, pull out the phone, set it to video and practice away.  Just by looking back at what you are doing, you will start to find corrections that need to be made.

5) Ask for seasoned advice. I use the word seasoned because you want to find people that will give you feedback that is worth a damn.  For every 10 bits of feedback that I get, I usually disregard 7-8 and find 2-3 useful adjustments to make.   mensphysique

So there you have it, the 5 things that can help you master your physique posing!

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