Surviving Thanksgiving! Tips to Keeping Things in Check

   We are days away from the grand feast of all feast daddies! I think back to all the wonderful years of delicious Thanksgiving dinners and the euphoria that accompanies those memories.

   Yes I am salivating at this very moment. There are also the memories of  waking up the day after. Waking up literally hung over from the food induced coma I willing put myself into. That part didn't seem so fun. Now that I am a bodybuilder I skip Thanksgiving right? I just stick to some finger foods and veggies right? No way! If anything Thanksgiving is one of the holidays I am more easily able to keep things in check because of the variety of food options.

   With the help of and David Gluhareff here are some tips to help make your Thanksgiving a little less crazy. Stay away from heavy and thick sauces and creams.

  • Try to limit red meat to small amounts and choose white meats such as chicken and turkey over the beef.
  • Opt for small amounts of low-fat milk, cheeses, and yogurts. Get plenty of your vegetables and medium amounts of fruits.
  • Limit desserts such as pies, cookies, pastries, and ice cream to a minimum. If you choose any carbs, choose the whole-grain and whole-wheat versions of breads and pastas, and for potatoes stick to sweet potatoes and red potatoes.
  • For rice, stick to brown rice. Keep the alcohol to a minimum and drink water whenever possible. If anything is glazed, remember sugar is present, so practice moderation.

BAD LOW-CALORIE IDEAS Sweet potato casserole Deviled eggs Cranberry sauce/jelly Candied yams Celery with cream cheese Pecan pie Store-bought breads Stuffing or dressing Corn Baked beans Ham or red meat Peas or couscous Glazed carrots Honey-glazed ham Twice-baked potatoes or mashed Pasta, hot or cold Cream-based soups or chowders Potato salad Cashews Cheese Pita wraps Creamy salad dressings Sodas Gravy Alcohol Crackers Thanksgiving is a holiday that is of course about so much more than just the food. It's a time to reflect on all the wonderful things in our lives. Our family, friends, jobs, our health.  I am grateful for those things and I am especially grateful for Axis Labs and the support they have given me as an athlete, for the amazing products that I get to use on a daily basis.  

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