Supplement Review-Muscle Delight!

One of the most anticipated products recently to hit the market, MUSCLE DELIGHT!

Thus far I have tasted French Toast, and S'mores and yes I agree as our advertisement says, ridiculously delicious! I am excited to try our other flavors, Chocolate Cake, and Vanilla Ice Cream!

With most protein supplements you are going to use two scoops for a serving.  With Axis Lab's Muscle Delight your only using one scoop so your getting more servings in the smaller 2 pound container. 28 to be exact!

Muscle Delight is not only packed with delicious flavor but it also contains a whopping 24 grams of protein! Perfect for a snack on the go or post workout source of protein for recovery along with 5 grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Wait it gets better. ;-) It's low fat, and low carbohydrates with only 3 carbs for serving totally 120 calories!  Great mix ability with no clumping in my shaker bottle and goes down smooth.

If you order Muscle Delight for a limited time you get a free Axis Labs shaker bottle!