Smash with PUMP PELLETS!

The fitness world is full of pre workout supplements.  Currently, pre workouts are the fastest selling supplements on some of the world's largest online retailers and nutrition stores.  So are all the pre workout supplements created the same?  Hell no!  Here are a few things that make Smash with Pump Pellets different.
1) You aren't getting so much caffeine that is erases any vasodilation effects.  Everybody wants to feel a crazy amount of energy when they take a pre workout but think twice before you pick up your next pre workout that packs much more than 200mg of caffeine.  Caffeine is a vaso-constrictor, meaning it restricts the amount of blood flow going to your muscles!  This is a bad thing to happen when you are looking for the best workout.
2) Protect your joints!  Hard workouts are brutal on your joints and you need to make sure you keep them healthy.  Smash is packed with glucosamine and condroitin for joint support.
3) No phony dyes!  I promise you there is no reason your pre workout drink should look like anti freeze!  Smash uses no artificial colors.
4) Pump pellets!  From the first sip you take, you feel the pump pellets.  Through unique ingredients, Smash gives you a Hyper Vasodialation INFUSION like you have never experienced before.
I've mentioned just a few of the things that make this product so fantastic.  Watch the video below as I explain in more detail the features and benefits to this ground breaking product that will leave you wanting to crush more sets, more reps and more weight!