Road Trip! Keeping it Together during business Trips and Vacations

When you’re sitting at home, work, and your gym, you’re in your comfort zone, you’re on your home turf. You have a routine down, a system set up to be successful.  But what happens when you leave your comfort zone? I had to ask myself this very questions  as I was just on spring break in Sacramento, California attending the NPC Governors Cup, and now as I prepare to travel to Colorado to compete in a few weeks in the NPC Axis Labs Northern Show.

airport             So what does happen when you are out of town and your system is disrupted? How do you keep it together and not let your trip become a hindrance in reaching your fitness goals? Much like animals and other species do, you make it work, you adapt to survive.

Here are some adaptations and tips that I have used to help me get stay on track with reaching my fitness goals when I am away from home on vacation or on the road.

Prep Food
Food prep  
          It’s hard to prep food for the whole time that you are gone but you can prepare food for the travels to and from your destination. Once you arrive you can develop a game plan there at your location.  If your staying in a hotel, obtain a room that has a refrigerator and food prep area.  Also packing foods that are not perishable.  Beef jerky, nuts, fruits, protein bars, and powders.

Ice Chest

Ice chest   Six Pack Bag               When I am driving to

my destination and ice chest is a life saver. If you are flying call ahead and make sure what you pack is ok with the airlines and that you will be able to get through security. You food can be your carry on.

  water            It is very easy when you are travelling to forget to drink enough water. Pack a few bottles and plan on using the restroom whenever you can. Yes as I was driving to California this last week, I had to pull over off the side of the road numerous times. Yes it delays the trip a little bit but it's worth it to keep your water levels optimal.

Scope out and schedule gym time

        This part is kind of fun for me. I enjoy going on a gym hunt and finding a new and exciting place to work out. Most gyms offer guest passes that are affordable for a week or two at a time and they will bypass fees that you would have to regularly pay if you were joining fulltime.  

Regardless of where your life takes you, no matter how far away from home you go, it is completely possible to still prepare and set yourself up for success in meeting working towards your fitness goals.