Resting – Part 1

There are so many factors that go into staying healthy, looking good, and feeling great! Often we discuss how beneficial it is to work out on a regular basis and to be consistent, to create a routine geared toward your individual goals, to eat properly and to take the appropriate supplements. Another extremely important factor that goes into achieving this overall great look and feeling is RESTING. Resting is essential! Give your body a break on occasion, especially, all you hardcore athletes. In order to recover appropriately and eliminate excessive physical and emotional stress, sometimes you need to give your body a rest!


Resting doesn’t mean a few days a week off from the gym because you are feeling a little too tired to push yourself that day. Resting means listening to what your body is really telling you and giving yourself a legitimate break from exercise, diet, and supplementation. Just like our body requires a certain amount of sleeping, it also needs a significant amount of resting. If you want to be able to give 100% when you are working out, then it is important to have balance in your life. If you are a go getter or a hardcore athlete, chances are you don’t give yourself that much down time. As humans we don’t function off batteries so in order to keep our energy up, we need to take time to recharge. Give your body the proper amount of rest and nutrients. In the upcoming Blogs we will discuss some very important things regarding how to rest, proper recovery, too much physical stress and its negative impact, and how to have balance.