Product Focus N’Gage Amino, N’ERGIZED!

N’Ergized N’Gage is a product that I have absolutely loved since the very first time I took it. Every month I order it not just because I love the taste of glacier punch and bubble gum grape, but because of the benefits of using this product.     nergized-vs-coffee First and foremost I love the effect it has on my performance. The performance I speak of is not just physically but also my mental alertness and performance. I am a teacher and I have to be on top of my game mentally every day and this product helps me to do that by giving me additional energy and mental focus.   Before I train I take this product for the benefit of feeding my muscles and additional recovery support. Our muscles are made up of essential amino acids. When you exercise intensely your body pulls from those amino acids and the muscle is broken down so it can be built back up again. In order to be built back up again you need the proper materials “nutrients” for your body to utilize. Thus BCAA’s are the most important amino acid you can take to help your body recover because they help prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle recovery.   I take them first thing in the morning, mid-day, and pre workout. Axisblog