Power of the Mind and all the Secrets you never knew!

Clients ask me all the time if there is anything to do to get results faster. My answer usually surprises them...

Envision YOUR Ideal Body

I do not mean envision your favorite supermodel, athlete or bodybuilder. I mean envision how YOUR abs will look, how YOUR quads will separate or how high and round YOUR glutes will be. Think about the body part YOU ARE working. When you do a crunch, feel those abs contracting. When you do a single arm lat pull-down, feel your lat firing.

Mind Muscle Connection

Movement starts in the brain. Concentrating on a specific muscle or muscle group, not only engages more muscle fibers but also allows that primary muscle move more of the load. Think of your typical bench press. Yes your pecs are working, but so are your anterior delts, triceps, biceps, abs as well as a number of other small accessory muscles. But by learning to engage the muscle your wanting to work, in this case your pecs, you can actually activate more muscle fibers in that muscle group.  In the beginning you may notice you are not moving as much weight, but you are in fact moving more weight with the target muscle.

All to often we just go through the motions. I like to give a client a lighter dumbbell than he/she is used to using, place their  free hand on their pec, and have them feel the movement. They are always surprised with how much more the get out of these exercises. This a good drill to make sure you are not getting in the habit of going through the motion.



Yes some of you think this is a funny concept. We are all guilty of flexing in the mirror, whether its between sets or at home, we all do it. Yes, its a great way to admire your hard work. But its also a great tool in training your Mind Muscle Connection. Flexing allows you to practice engaging specific muscles. How can you adequately train a muscle with which you have no connection? Have trouble building your glutes? More than likely they are not firing during your lifts. Practice flexing them. Then mimic that flex during the lift. You will be surprised with the difference.
Connecting  your mind and muscles will not only allow you to get more out of your workouts, but you will start to get bigger and better results as well!!

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