Osteoporosis is a common condition that affects over 25 million people a year; 80% of them being women. Osteoporosis is known as the bone thinning disease. Recently I decided to research this topic because a friend was diagnosed with it. She asked me how she could have prevented this condition. I have always stressed the importance of taking a calcium supplement especially to my female clients. At the age of 30 our bones are already beginning to lose their density. If the body cannot regulate the mineral content of the bones, then they slowly start becoming more fragile.

To maintain our bone density not only do we need to take a calcium supplement but also an adequate supply of vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium from food. These minerals produce the proper amounts of several hormones, including estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Supplementing calcium and vitamin D is great but I have always believed it is best to try to get enough of these nutrients from our food sources as well. Dairy is the number one source of calcium but we can also get calcium from other sources like nuts, beans, and orange juice.

Along with supplementation and having a proper diet, it is also extremely important to exercise to prevent osteoporosis. The stronger and thicker our bones are at a young age, the longer they will maintain their density. Bone is a living tissue that needs protein that will later be mineralized into a firm structure, so eat enough protein. It contains numerous minerals and vitamins and all these nutrients work together. Your diet and digestion also plays an essential role in preventing and healing osteoporosis. Your body can only absorb all these nutrients and calcium if your digestive system is working properly. Some of the first things to avoid which interferes with your body’s balance and digestive enzymes are sugar, caffeine, alcohol, too much red meat, and sodas. Age is something that happens to us all. Every year we get a year older but that doesn’t mean physically. Taking proper care of your body now is a great way to prevent Osteoporosis and many other conditions brought on by age and a unhealthy lifestyle.