New Years Resolutions

Now that the New Year has started, there has been an enormous increase of new faces and traffic in the gym.So many people have decided to make it their year to get in shape, be healthy, and feel great.Typically by March the crowd starts to die down and all the new faces start to disappear.It’s unfortunate that most of those resolutions don’t stick. People are driven for different reasons to commit to changing their lives for the better and desiring to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. If you commit to a goal, do you do whatever it takes to achieve that goal or do you let something hold you back? There could be numerous reasons why people stop working out after a few months of effort. Before I go on discussing supplementation, I want to go over some of the obstacles that we have to overcome when committing to making a positive change and how to deal with them.

  Recently a friend and I were discussing working out and how much better we felt physically, mentally, and emotionally by taking better care of our bodies. To me it is simply a matter of making a choice. You decide to do something and set a goal. Then, you just do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal and you don’t look back. Most people view change as a process and don’t consider it so attainable. What is standing in the way of you accomplishing your health and fitness goals for 2009??? From my personal experiences with clients, here are some objectives I have encountered and some ways to overcome them. Let’s all keep our resolutions this year!!

  1. Can’t fit working out into my schedule
  2. Don’t know what to do in the gym
  3. Every time I start working out, I get sick
  4. I feel uncomfortable in the gym
  5. Exercise is boring
  6. I put on too much muscle when I work out with weights
  7. I hate cardio
  8. Other priorities come first
  9. I can’t stay motivated
  10. Exercising is painful