Most Important Meal of the Day! By Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black

When asked what the most important meal of the day is, most people would say breakfast! I would agree breakfast is very important because your body has been fasting for hopefully 8 hours of sleep.  With that being said, the most important meal of the day in my mind is your immediate post workout meal.  Why? The half hour after your workout is called the “window of opportunity”.  Your body has just finished breaking down the muscle, vasodilatation has taken place, and the freeway of blood flow is open with no traffic.  Nutrients will be absorbed and utilized quickly at this time. Your brain is sending the message, “feed my muscle so they can recover and build”.  This is why during this time I have a protein source along with a carbohydrate.  When you combine a protein and a carbohydrate at post workout in comparison to a protein source alone, you increase your anabolic rate thus helping your body to recover.

The protein is essential for tissue growth and repair.  It also helps your body to release the anabolic hormone insulin into your body. Taking in a carbohydrate helps replenish glycogen and glucose loss during your training session. It is at this time that your body will utilize the carbohydrates. Remember carbohydrates are your body’s proffered source of energy.

In regards quantity, you do not need to be a huge amount of carbohydrates and protein to get results.  Most sources will say that you need to take in .25 grams of protein if you are cutting per pound of lean body mass. When you are bulking the typical recommendation is .50 grams per pound of lean body mass. This is somewhere around a 2-1 ratio. Protein along with a basic serving of carbohydrates works great.  My favorites: 1 scoop of Golden Whey Vanilla Clutch Protein from Axis Labs along with a carbohydrate.  When you are looking at what type of carbohydrate you should take, a fast digesting carbohydrate also known as a simple sugar carbohydrate is a great option. I’ve eaten fruits as well as gummy bears and pixy sticks.

Along with taking a pre workout protein and carbohydrate I would also highly recommend taking BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acid). I of course take Energized N’Gage. 1/3 of your muscle is made up of BCAA’s.  Your body will begin to tap into BCAA’s as a resource for energy as you train. Replenishing them immediately after a workout will increase the effectiveness of your muscle recovery.