Make it Happen! You can do it!

Making your goals happen:

Schedule it! Make it Happen! Planning and scheduling is a must if you expect to reach your goals in any aspect of your life. This is a topic that I have written about before and I think that as the New Year draws near, as we start to reflect on last year’s resolutions, it’s something I am once again looking at. As you reflect on last year’s goals, particularly the ones you did not meet, ask yourself why you were not able to meet them?  I guarantee you are going to hear yourself refer to time and not having enough of it to accomplish your goals. I know I have used that excuse time and time again. ;-)  

The Key To Success:

Here is the key, if you schedule it, write it down, your way more likely to accomplish your goal.  I like the example of the man who had a very important business meeting with his boss where he had to present information about his work.  Do you think he wrote that meeting down in his schedule book? Of course he did because it was important enough to him to make note of the meeting. He knows that if he misses this meeting that effects will be catastrophic, he might even lose his job.   Why is it that your health takes the back burner to your finances? In the long run isn’t being healthy going to save you money? Won’t your life improve and won’t you accomplish more and have more quality time here on this earth in the short amount of time we call life? If it’s important your will schedule it, you will find time, you will get it done.  I don’t care how busy you are.  For years I have worked 3 jobs and kept a rigorous training schedule. I might have had to go to bed later, earlier, woken up earlier, and changed my schedule numerous times but the point is I have made it work. Why? Because it is important to me.   Make your health important to you. As your health improves, I promise you all other aspects of your life will also be better for it.