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This powerful ingredient in our powerhouse of a product Synthalean. Teacrine gives you the incredible fat burning power with the extra energy boost you need to get through your day, or that tough workout at the end of the day. When you need the energy boost and the mental focus in the office or on your playing surface Teacrine will be there to push you through it.

Teacrine is a brand new patented ingredient (similar to caffeine) that provides clean, fat burning energy without the crash or habituation. Teacrine has been shown to improve mood, energy, and focus all while helping you optimize and improve your energy expenditure. Properties include: a longer half-life, non-habituation, lower toxicity with a lower effective dose, and a lower likelihood to disrupt sleep. Synthalean is one of the strongest fat burner on the market to date and it has been proven to work and burn the fat right off. How do you get your hands on this life changing product you ask? Click the link below and watch the fat melt off and let that body transformation BEGIN.

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The complex compound of the powerful ingredient Teacrine!