Live Life Like You Were Dyin, By Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black

Live Life Like You Were Dyin, By Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black

Yes I am going to start another blog with quoting a country song......There are so many good messages in every genre of music. Typically in the early morning as I am driving to the gym, like many, I listen to the radio. My commute is short, about 12 miles but it’s a time I enjoy. It’s a part of my mental preparation for the day along with my morning routine of reading, while eating my Clutch Whey protein pancakes. This time the quote comes from one of Tim McGraw's songs. "Someday, I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dyin."

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No I don't have a terminal disease and I don't expect to die anytime soon, but who does? The point is, we are all dying! Each day we are getting older, and hopefully wiser, but nonetheless older. Our life is shortening and our time here is ticking away.

My advice, don't waste another day at battle with yourself! Take advantage of today! In the past I would find myself often saying, "I plan on doing ________in the future". The truth is, I was making excuses for not having the courage to step up and do it today. Now that I am a little older, I feel an urgency to take advantage of my time. I don't want to put off my dreams until later, because if not now, when? There is no later, there is only now!

Yes it is very easy to type the words down and to say it, but following through and carrying things out is a whole different subject. If it were easy, everyone would walk the walk, and talk the talk. If it were easy everyone would achieve their dreams. A little secret is that if it were easy, if it did not require much effort, the achievement would not be nearly as rewarding in the end. With whatever you set out to do in your life, it seems like this truth is applicable. Satisfaction comes with overcoming obstacles.

Unfortunately the world we live in has many obstacles that stand in our way. Life is not fair and it is certainly not easy, but regardless of the obstacles that stand in our way, you have to remember to enjoy the things that make life so special. Celebrate the little successes you have, because it is the little successes that push you towards reaching the big ones. Have a short term memory when it comes to failure. We all have them in our lives. It’s part of growing. The point is, don’t sit on them and don’t let them consumer your thoughts. Thoughts lead to action, good and bad. Don’t let past failures scare you away from future successes. Learn from them and move on.

Remember were all dyin, all of our time is ticking away, don’t waste it, do it now, and if you fail, at least you tried. If anything, you can always try again.