Lifting Tips-Getting that Huge Pump!

Often when I speak with clients and friends about their workouts, I hear them say, “I didn’t quite get that pump or burning sensation like I have in some of my other workouts”.   My advice to them and you........
  Slow down on your negative/eccentric movement-The goal when lifting weights is not to let the weight control you, but you control the weights. If you’re letting momentum and the weights drop on the negative movement, you’re missing half the benefits of the exercise. My advice, slow down! The negative movement should be slower and controlled. You might even want to try and through in some sets where you are only focused on the negative movement.
Explode from the positive/concentric movement-
After you have slowed the negative movement explode on the positive movement, driving blood into the muscles and developing strength by adding additional stress on the muscle tissues.
When you are at the peak of the contraction, squeeze and hold the contraction for a count of 2-5 seconds. This is often referred to TUT or time the muscle is under tension. This gives your body enough time for blood to flow into the muscle.
Flexing the Muscle Between Sets-
In between sets look in the mirror and continue to flex the targeted muscle group to drive additional blood into the muscle.
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