Let it Rain, RAINMAKER!


During this time of the year I am hoping for more warm days and sunshine and spring to quickly arrive , but with Axis Labs new pre workout RAINMAKER, all I have to say it let it rain everyday!

This last week Carley and I received our very first Axis Labs order containing Axis Labs new pre workout RAINMAKER!

As with all new things, I was a little nervous to try it with all the recent hype I didn’t want to be disappointed.  Over the years I have tried many different types of pre workouts and have had my fair share of good and bad pre workouts.

I was not disappointed at all! It has lived up to the hype! I chose the Sour Apple flavor and it tasted amazing, especially dieting right now getting to drink something so delicious was exciting in itself!

My biggest problem that I have had in the past with pre workouts is that they did not last for my entire workout. I felt RAINMAKER the whole workout and then some. I experienced an energy boost along with the stamina to destroy my workout for the entire 2 hours.

I experienced huge pumps and mentally I felt great.  I think especially now being in show prep and dieting really hard I need that mental boost to get me through those tough important workouts. Every workout counts towards reaching my goals and I need any help I can get to perform at my highest levels. RAINMAKER it definitely that product that I needed!