Is sugar the enemy? – Part 2

Once sugar is consumed the pancreas makes insulin. This chemical shuttles the sugar to your cells so your body can use it or store it. Different forms of sugar are broken down at different rates. The goal is for your body to utilize the sugar and not store it as fat. There are what I like to call fast burning sugars and slow burning sugars. Once the sugar is broken down the body does one of two things with it. It either utilizes sugar for energy or stores the sugar as fat. It is helpful to know what is more or less likely to get stored or used.

You are getting ready to blow off some steam in the gym or start pumping some iron. You need an energy source that is going to keep you going through the workout. ...You have had a long day and need a quick boost of energy. This is a time that fast digesting sugar can be beneficial. Now this doesn’t mean you should go grab a Coke and Fruit Roll Up, but a healthier choice like a piece of fruit, or your favorite preworkout supplement that has fast digesting carbohydrates, like Axis Labs’ Slingshot would be a great choice. This quick digesting carb source will give you the fast energy needed to power through your workout but help you to maintain your strength so you can finish strong. This leads me to another very important aspect of sugar and maximizing your workout and recovery. As I just mentioned, you can have a sugar or fast digesting carb prior to your workout for quick energy. You can also utilize the same science for your postworkout meal. Remember besides breakfast these are the two most important meals of the day, especially if you are aiming to make gains in the gym.

As I said before, once a sugar is digested, the pancreas secretes insulin as a response. The insulin shuttles the sugar into the certain cells, depending on the bodies’ need at the time. Intense resistance training causes the muscle cells to be very sensitive to insulin. This means that a fast digesting sugar will get shuttled into the muscle cell to help with recovery and restore the depleted carbohydrates and not get stored as unwanted body fat. We can increase recovery even more by adding in creatine, branched chain amino acids to the fast digesting sugar/carbohydrate meal. This will greatly speed recovery and the muscle building/preserving process. My favorite thing to do after a hard training session is drink some Slingshot, Creatine Ethyl Ester and BCAA Ethyl Ester all at once. This combo of quick digesting carbs and extra goodies really helps you to maximize your workout.