Intensity – Part 1

The definition of intensity is great energy, strength, and concentration applied toward an activity, thought, or feeling. When I think about working out, the word intensity comes to mind. So many people are in the gym day after day and honestly, aren’t seriously trying to maintain their finely sculpted bodies. Yes, they are looking for results and want to see positive changes in their physics. They think that all their hard workouts should be paying off. But are they doing intense workouts? The next time you are in the gym, take a good look around and see how many people are doing an intense workout. Have you ever seen people (during and in between sets) reading the newspaper, talking on there cell phone, and even yawning? That doesn’t seem very intense! Every workout may not be your best but if you try to make it your best, you may be surprised. The next time you hit the gym, try to focus hard, thinking about what you are doing, why you are doing it and put all in your energy into it. Your body is capable of much more then you think it is.. If you were to try to kick it up a couple notches and give your workout all the intensity you have, you may be surprised. If you are looking for results and you want them sooner rather than later, then it would be very beneficial for you to be as intense and focused as you can be!