How to Zap 15 LBS of Water Weight in 48 Hours

by Axis Labs Athlete Josh Black
Spring is upon us which means, competition season/bathing suit season.  Time to turn some heads, earn some points with the judges, and of course accumulate massive amounts of likes on your social media selfies.  It is time to get lean and mean.  Whether you want to sport that new swim suit or step on stage ready to claim your next trophy. Whatever your reasons may be, you are probably considering possible options to help shed some extra water weight and looked more peeled than ever.  The solution is Axis Labs Xtract!
Why is Axis Labs Xtract the best option for you?
Two pack punched reasons with HyperDry Infusion and Electrolyte Infusion system
XtractFirst and foremost Xtract enables your body to shed extra water weight with a balanced fluid reduction. (Electrolyte Infusion system) Xtract maintains electrolyte fluid balance within your muscles.  What does this mean? It means that while you are losing excessive water weight that is covering muscle definition, you will still maintain muscle fullness along with achieving a dry hard look. (Cell volumization/ HyperDry Infusion)
Some key ingredients: Dandelion root, Horsetail, and Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi work to reduce excess water without depleting the electrolytes sodium and potassium.* Additional water loss herbal compound extracts such as Juniper Berry, Buchu Leaf and Stinging Nettle are also added. The best part is that you will see added definition within 12 hours and diced at 72 hours!
Don’t let your hours of hard work and dedication go to waste because of some unnecessary water retention.  There is a simple, affordable way to get dialed in and achieve and come in dry as a bone.