How to survive vacation! Eating clean even on the road! By Josh Black

It’s summer time/vacation season which means on the road, at the airport, restaurants, unfamiliar, uncomfortable territory. Your fridge is hundreds if not thousands of miles away. There is no possible way you can eat clean and keep it together right? Nonsense! Where there is a will, there IS a way.

I am a teacher and I have more custodial time with my oldest son, so during the summer I take most of my big vacations. This last month alone I drove 3.141.6 miles with 4 kids in the car, three of them under 5 years old. Yes at times I felt like I was going to go crazy! It was all about creating memories for my kids and having quality family time, and guess what, we have one more road trip planned for next week. Disneyland was awesome, and well worth the sacrifice in a car for long hours.

I am 2 months out from my next competition and a photo shoot with my sponsor (Axis Labs) in Colorado. Needless to say I don't have time to screw around and have cheat meals. I have to have things, things meaning my diet and exercise plan, locked in to get the results I need to be ready to dominate a show and look good on camera.

So how is it possible? What things have I done to make sure I am keeping it together?

1. Whey protein-the nice thing about whey protein is that it is convenient. I can be in a car, in an amusement park, at a gas station, anywhere, and still be able to drink a nutritional shake and get the nutrients to my body that I need. All you need is a shaker bottle, bottle of water, and your whey protein. I use Axis Labs Clutch Whey Golden Vanilla.

2. You can eat out clean. Any restaurant I go to I can always get a chicken breast, veggies, and a salad. Your paying for the food you can manipulate the menu to what you want.

3. Pack some non perishable items. I love almonds. I will have almonds and other healthy snacks while in the car that I can munch on when I am in the car or out and about.

4. Utilize hotel gyms or get guess passes. Most hotels have decent equipment that you can get a workout in, or you can get a guess pass at a nearby gym. I always enjoy a change in scenery. If all else fails push ups, sit ups, and planks work great along with a jump rope or running stairs, swimming laps. Get creative!

Again just because you are out of your element doesn't mean you can't be successful! If you want something bad enough you will find a way in any circumstance!