How to snack and stay on track!

One of the things that can be challenging is to find snacks on the go that are fitness friendly. Of course it would be nice if we always had some fresh diced up chicken in a cooler bag around with us but, fact is we occasionally find ourselves in situations where we need to get something healthy that will keep on the go. Is this possible?

Absolutely, it is possible to find a healthy snack virtually anywhere! There are a few key things that you want to look for in a snack. Fruit is an amazing option and the nice thing about it is that some fruits come with there very own carrying case such as bananas. However, don't make the mistake of doing only fruit for your snack. It is important that you add some source of fat and protein with your fruit. Most gas stations and convenience stores have an easy to grab snack size bag of almonds or other nut variations. The smaller size bags are always a good option because it is easy calorie control. Almonds are definitely the first choice as they pack some solid fiber, healthy fats and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. I get asked a lot if it is okay to do the flavored almonds. Flavored almonds are typically roasted and have some oil and sodium added to them so they are not as good as raw almonds but not a terrible choice either. So there you have the first idea, a piece of fruit and a snack size bag of almonds which will cover you for your carbs, fats and a slight bit of protein. This snack will keep your blood sugar steady and energy levels up!

Another option to consider is a mozzarella cheese stick or nut butter for your fat option. While I am not a huge fan of crackers, something like a Truscuit or rice cake with some mozzarella cheese or nut butter will provide you with a nice line up of nutrients on the go. Make sure that you closely monitor any of this snack food as it can easily get out of control if you are eating mindlessly.

So there you have it! You do have options when you are out and about. Do your best to have your planned meals with you but if all else fails, you should have the resources to hold you over with a decent option until your next meal is available!